poem about romanticism and realism

Stand under the sun
The shadow appears
Shadow swallows the puny people
Their body and heart
We stand in the shadow sigh
Who knows we’re all the same
Swallows by the shadow

You ask me how much I love you
I said I don’t know
I only know you already become my habit
I ask you how much you love me
You said you love me more than I love you

Education debate

Education is a process of facilitating learning. Education is the most

important thing in people’s lives. Everyone needs it .

Talking about education, people will think about Chinese education and

American education. However which one is better? As far as I am concerned

the American education system is better than Chinese education system.

To begin with, American students are more independent than Chinese

students. As you know American students do things all by themselves.

However ,Chinese students always rely on their parents. Because American

education teaches students to do everything by themselves. That’s why most

American students know how to do housework. But Chinese students hardly

ever do it . When they grow up their home will be messy because they don’t
 know how to do it and they already get used to let others do it for them.

Besides, American education focuses more on childrens interests instead

of just focusing on study. They encourage students to do more activities .

Moreover, most American students have a better body, because they do

more exercise. However, Chinese students just study all day, they don’t have
 much time to do sports, as they have so many homework and haveto take extra 
classes. Chinese education is just for taking tests. If you askwhat are their
 interests, they don’t know. But it’s different to Americanstudents. They knew
 their interests and they will do it in the future.

Last but not least, American students are more creative. American students

are educated to have more experience. They have the importance of researching

a question. Chinese students only receive what the teacher tellsthem and they

don’t think about it on the next level.


Learning how to be a learner

The Léman Learner profile is the characteristics the ideal learner should have. However , nobody is perfect. You need to find out what you are good at and what you are not good at.

Form the Léman Learner profile, I find out that “caring” and “principled” fit me best. To begin with, I respect people,wen others are talking, I won’t interrupt them. Besides, when anyone needs help, I’ll try me best to help them. For example, once my friend had trouble with the P.E test,she told me that she doesn’t know how to board jump,then I taught her and we practiced it for a week. Finally,she got the full mark.

For principled, I personally think rules are very important, so I am always doing things with principle. Moreover, I have strong sense of justice and I have to say I am responsible. For instance, every time the teacher tells me to do something for them, I will always finish it as soon as possible at the same time I will do it as well as I can.

Actually, I am not “innovative” or a “thinker”. I have to be honest I am not a creative person. Every time, when I am doing collaborative work, what I find is that I can’t provide any good ideas. Maybe that’s also the reason I am not a good thinker. While I am solving questions it’s hard for me to think about a question in another way, I always think it in the normal way.

After finding my strengths and shortcomings. I have to develop my strengths and improve my shortcomings. There are several things I can do in order to improve them. For example, do more math ! Math can make our minds more flexible and when you solve the math problems you can solve one problem with may ways. Join more team work which can help learn more good ideas are wage of thinking from other people. I also should thinking “outside the box”which I will change the point when I solve problem or doing things in new ways.

19th century European literature

This unit we’re working is about 19th century European literature. For this unit we have to do a multimedia project about what we have been learned by ourselves which is also what we’re interested in instead of just reading the article on the book. This project in some way helps us have a better understanding of the 19th century European literature.

For the project, Daphne and I are working together. Our mean idea is Romanticism vs. Realism. So what we have discussed is that we can present one side and show their characteristics. I will present the Realism side and Daphne will present the Romanticism side. From what we have been doing for the past few days, I find that the realism is more focused on the people’s daily life especially the farmers. Many of the paintings show the scenes of farmers working.

Then we decided we will focus on the “How did Romanticism lead to the emergence of Realism” .


Reflection on unit 4

In the past few weeks,weve been study about the media.And we have

a project that we have to do a media campaign.We do this project in order

to give us a deeper understanding about the media and make us use new

way to think about the media.

This unit can connect with my daily life, because the media are around

us everywhere, like the news ,video,picture etc.This helps me have more

ways to do our media campaign, because I can see them everyday. And

also my father’s friend have a media company, and she used to tell me the

media can have big influence if you use it properly.

This project extend  my understanding of the media .At the same time

I  find  that  many  of  the animals are endangered  because o  the human

activities, and our  environmental  especially  the air and  the water  are

seriously polluted. What I have learned from doing this campaign is that

sometimes we cannot think things in the normal way,we should stand on

the other side to think.

During this project I have faced many challenge, at first I don’t know

how to do a professional flyer, I add to many information on it ,and make

it  like  a  poster . And  then I  find  that  the  flyer only  need  a few words

which can make people join or know the campaign. Besides, nowadays

the people is more careful , and  it  is  hard  for  them to trust  the  new

campaign, so some promotion we can not do and we should make sure

QQ图片20150404215950our promotion is attractive and impressive.



Chinese New Year’s Day

Chinese New Year is an important Chinese festival celebrated at the turn
of the Chinese calendar. In China, it is also called the “Spring Festival”.
On Chinese New Year, people will celebrate it in many ways:lion dance ,
firecrackers, family meal, visiting friends and relatives, giving red
packets (which is called “hongbao”), paste the antithetical couplet
(which is called “duilian”).
Lion dance is a traditional dance in Chinese culture.performers
dressed as a lion and limited the action of lion under the drum music.
In Chinese traditional lion dance can drive out evil spirits.
Firecrackers in Chinese traditional culture is also drive out evil
spirits.And the source of firecrackers have a story: Once upon a time,
every year the lunar New Year’s eve night will appear a monster called “nian”
in order to drive out it, people burn the firecrackers outside the house.
Red packets is the elder will give it to the children, hope they can be health
and happy in the new year.
Paste the antithetical couplet is a poetry. They are usually seen on the sides
of doors leading to people’s homes or as hanging scrolls in an interior. It’s to
expresses their happy and hopeful thoughts for the coming year.

Passion project

For me , my life is study ,eating and golf ,but sometimes I think golf is
not all of my life, maybe it because I didn’t love golf enough, I still 
think I should do something else. I alwayswant to play guitar, but I don’t
have enough time to take classes, so what I want to do is to find something 
that I like and it won’t waste too much time , so that I can balance both 
studyand my golf. And then I find that paper fold is a good idea. And it need
you to use your hand.I really enjoy doing that and I find it was pretty 
interesting. When I finish fold something, I’ll always feel successful.